External Review

The external Review consists of the critical and analytical examination of the Internal Review results, and is conducted by an External Review/Assessment Committee.

The goal of the External Review is to determine the completeness, transparency and objectivity of the Internal Review and its documenting data, as well as the formulation of a neutral and objective opinion, according to the following goals:

  1. The highlighting of good practices and points of improvement
  2. The promotion and documented support of the Department's requests to the University and the state.
  3. The collection and highlighting of good practices of national scope. 

The process of the External Review is triggered by the submission of the Internal Review Report (IRR). Based on the IRR and the direct assessment of the Department (through a site visit), the committee of external experts compiles the External Review Report (ERR). The ERR analyzes in depth the notes and findings of the IRR based on:

  • The achievements of the Department (or of the Institution, if applicable).
  • The points that need improvement or corrective action.
  • The effectiveness of the actions that the Department has already taken, in order to preserve and improve the quality of its work.
  • The Department's consistency with its mission and goals.


External Evaluation Report (May 2011)241.78 KB