Internal Review

The Internal Review process is the department's periodic quality control tool.

The goal of the Internal Review is to help the Department evaluate the quality of the produced work, based on objective criteria and consensus indicators, and consists of the following goals:

  1. The documentation of the Department's achievements.
  2. The identification of points that need improvement.
  3. The definition of improvement actions.
  4. Initiatives for indepedent actions within the Department, whenever possible.
  5. Decision making for independent actions within the Institution, whenever possible.

The Internal Review is a regularly recurring participatory process, with a duration of two consecutive teaching semesters and repeated every four years. In practice it is a process of self-assessment, which defines the Department's identity, by capturing and highlighting all it operating characteristics, both positives and negatives, and records its ambitions. The Internal Review process results in the compilation of the Internal Review Report (IRR), which is approved by the Academic Unit and forwarded to external assessment autorities.


Responsible for the coordination of the Internal Review and the compilation of the IRR is the Internal Review Team (IRT), which is defined by the Academic Unit.