The Internal Review Team (IRT) is responsible for the conduct of the Internal Review Process in the Department. The team overviews questionaire completion, updates the members of the Department with the collected responses and the results of the dialogue with the faculty and students and aggregates all the necessary relevant data.

The IRT is formed by the Department, under decision of the Faculty Assembly and it consists of faculty members with internationally recognized scientific work and, preferably, with prior experience and participation in quality assurance committees. In the IRT, one member is a representative of the students and is selected by their representative body.

The duration of the IRT service is one period of Internal and External Review and is terminated with the completion of the External Review process. The role of the IRT is tactical, coordination and executive. The IRT designs, plans and coordinates the review process and is responsible for the compilation of the Internal Review Report (IRR).

Based on the above, the IRT compiles the IRR.

The IRT defines and announces in advance the ways in which it will preserve the transparency of the Internal Review.