Building Infrastructure

The department's classrooms are equipped with modern audio-visual and computer equipment, as well as with a highband network connection. Additionally, there is support for synchronous broadcast of lectures among classrooms.

The Department has the following building infrastructure:

  1. Classrooms:

    Auditorium (capacity of 330), Classroom Α1 (capacity of 110), Classroom Α2 (capacity of 110),
    Classroom Β, Classroom Γ, Classroom Δ, Classroom Ε, Classroom ΣΤ, Classroom Ζ

  2. Three (3) Meeting Rooms
  3. Reading Hall, capacity of 130 with modern Informatics and Telecommunications equipment (wireless network and network infrastructure), access to digital libraries and support for lending journals and books. The creation of the Reading Hall was funded exclusively by the Department through revenues secured over a multi-year period.
    The Reading Hall is open daily during 09:00-19:00. Website:

Σχεδιάγραμμα αιθουσών και εργαστηρίων του Τμήματος

Classroom and Lab layout

Είσοδος ΤμήματοςΆποψη πλαϊνού προαυλίουΑναγνωστήριο

Κεντρικό ΑμφιθέατροΑίθουσα Α1Αίθουσα Α2