Project Funding for Research Excellence

Project Funding for Research Excellence

  1. European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grants (They allow exceptional established research leaders of any nationality and any age to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk projects that open new directions in their respective research fields or other domains).
  1. ALGAME: Algorithms, Games, Mechanisms, and the Price of Anarchy

Duration: 2013-2018.
Budget: 2.500.000 Euros
Coordinator: Prof. E. Koutsoupias.


  1. European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grants (Aim to support up-and-coming research leaders and supports the creation of excellent new research teams).
  1. SPADE: Sophisticated Program Analysis, Declaratively.

    Duration: 2013-2018.
    Budget: 1.042.616 Euros
    Coordinator: Prof. Y. Smaragdakis.

  1. PPP: Protecting and Preserving Human Knowledge for Posterity.

    Duration: 2011-2016.
    Budget: 1.032.916 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. M. Roussopoulou.

  1. RIMACO: Rigorous Mathematical Connections between the Theory of Computations and Statistical Physics.

    Duration: 2008-2013.
    Budget: 750.000 Euros.
    Coordinator: Prof. D. Achlioptas.

  1. CODAMODA: Controlling Data Movement in the Digital Age.

    Budget: 1.216.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof.  A. Kayias.


  1. Marie Curie Chair, EU (To highlight personal achievements of world-class researchers by offering them top-level appointments in Europe, with a view to supporting their future career development and international recognition).
  1. MMng: Architecting Next-Generation Multimedia Systems.

    Duration: 2007-2009.
    Budget: 435.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. A. Eleftheriadis.


  1. Program «EXCELLENCE», General Secretariat for Research and Technology.
  1. ESPRESSO: Exploiting Structure in Polynomial Equation and System Solving for Geometric and Game Modelling.

    Duration: 2012-2015.
    Budget: 200.000 Euros
    Coordinator: Prof.  I. Z. Emiris.


  1. ART-IN-SPACE: Adaptive, Robust to Threats, Immune to Nonlinearities, Sparse Opportunistic Cognitive Radio.

    Duration: 2012-2015.
    Budget: 175.000 Euros
    Coordinator: Prof. N. Kalouptsidis


  1. FINER:  Towards Fully Integrated Elections and Referendum Systems.

    Duration: 2012-2015
    Budget: 499.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. A. Kayias


  1. Morph-PL: Advanced Programming Languages with Class Morphing.

    Duration: 2012-2015.
    Budget: 342.008 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. Y. Smaragdakis.


  1. ASSURANCE: Adaptive Sparsity-Aware Distributed Learning with Applications to Cognitive Radio.

    Duration: 2012-2015.
    Budget: 300.000 Euros
    Coordinator: Prof.  S. Theodoridis.


  1. Program «EXCELLENCE ΙΙ», General Secretariat for Research and Technology.
  1. CONECT: Chaos Optical Networks: from Sensing to Cryptography

    Duration: 2014-2015
    Budget: 300.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. D. Syvridis


  1. SCARE: Scalable Reasoning and Query Processing for Linked Geospatial Data

    Duration: 2014-2015
    Budget: 236.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. M. Koubarakis


  1. SCORPIUS: Single-Chip Radiation Tolerant Dynamically Reconfigurable Payload Data Processing Units for Future Space Applications

    Duration: 2014-2015
    Budget: 236.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. A. Paschalis


  1. StochSoCs: Flexible Systems on Chip for Parallel Stochastic Simulation of large biochemical networks in Systems Biology

    Duration: 2014-2015
    Budget: 236.000 Euros.
    Coordinator:  Prof. E. Manolakos


  1. National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award (U.S.A).
  1. Reliable Peer-to-Peer Data Preservation

    Duration: 2005-2009.
    Budget: 460.000 USD.
    Coordinator: Prof. M. Roussopoulou


  2. Cryptographic Aspects of Digital Rights Management

Duration: 2005-2009.
Budget: 400.000 USD.
Coordinator:  Prof. A. Kiayias.

  1. Theory, Software Tools, and Applications for Algorithmic Visual Information Representation

Duration: 1997-2001.
Budget: 205000 USD.
Coordinator:  Prof. A. Eleftheriadis.


  1. National Science Foundation (NSF), Presidential Young Investigator Award.
  1. Prof. Y. Ioannidis, 1991.
  1. National Science Foundation (NSF), Research Initiation Award.
  1. Prof. I. Stavrakakis, 1990.
  2. Prof  E. S. Manolakos, 1993.
  1. Sloan Research Foundation (The two-year fellowships are awarded yearly to 126 researchers in recognition of distinguished performance and a unique potential to make substantial contributions to their field).
  1. Prof. D. Achlioptas, 2009.