Here you will find the online services and platforms, offered by the University and our Department. 

My-Studies: http://my-studies.uoa.gr

A service that provides students with online course registration, grade announcements and status, curriculum sheets, as well as online application for issuing certificates by the Department's Office. 
Access: free; requires registration

e-class: http://eclass.uoa.gr

The DI e-Class platform is a full-featured online course management system, designed to enhance conventional teaching by utilizing information technology that is already highly assimilated in education. It follows an open-source philosophy and supports an Asynchronous e-Learning service without any restrictions or commitments. 
Access: free; requires registration for full content

Eudoxus: http://eudoxus.gr

Online integrated textbook management service for students that offers complete textbook information per subject. It also encompasses mechanisms effective for preventing abuse of public funds, and for the immediate compensation of publishers. 
Access: free; requires registration for full content

Feedit: http://feedit.di.uoa.gr

Electronic platform for managing tuition fees and assistantships for the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications.
Access: Faculty Members, postgraduate students, and Ph.D. Candidates; requires registration

Undergraduate-Postgraduate Theses: http://mars.dc.di.uoa.gr/thesis

Announcements regarding undergraduate and postgraduate theses of the Optical Communications Laboratory.
Access: free

Faculty Reporting System: http://mars.dc.di.uoa.gr/dep_reporting

Department's Faculty activities reporting system.
Access: Faculty Members; requires registration

Assistanships: http://mars.dc.di.uoa.gr/workoffer

Electronic platform for managing student and Ph.D. Candidate assistantships.
Access: Faculty Members; requires registration

For more online services, please visit: http://www.uoa.gr/foithtes/hlektronikes-yphresies.html