1st Specialization-Theoretical Computer Science (THE)

Master's degree in "Theoretical Computer Science" Theoretical Computer Science is the foundation of Computer Science and its main aim is to analyze and solve computational problems that are considered among the most difficult and fascinating in the history of mathematics. Apart from the purely mathematical side, Theoretical Computer Science also offers new and effective techniques to address practical computational problems that arise in all areas of human activity. The graduate program in "Theoretical Computer Science" provides advanced theoretical and practical skills in a wide range of topics critical for computational work at large. It offers students the opportunity to acquire a strong background in the foundations of computation while exploring applications in other disciplines such as economics, physics and biology. Graduates of the program possess a critical mix of core and specialized skills so they can look ahead with confidence to a successful career in challenging positions in research and development. The curriculum is served by internationally recognized faculty members and most of them held faculty positions abroad before joining our Department. Students have the opportunity to conduct thesis work under their supervision and to continue with research in cutting-edge areas of Theoretical Computer Science.