M.Sc. Specializations

The M.Sc. specializations are:

  1. Theoretical Computer Science (THE)

  2. Information and Data Management (DAT)

  3. Computing Systems: Software and Hardware (SYS)

  4. Computer Networking (NET)

  5. Telecommunications Systems and Network Technologies (TEL)

  6. Signal and Information Processing and Learning (INF)

  7. Information and Communications Technologies (ITT)


The Graduate Program offers a large number of courses (over 60 total), of 8 credit units (CU/ECTS) each. The above specializations map to subsets of these courses. To graduate, students have to collect 90 credit units, 72 of which should be from courses (9 courses of 8 credit units each) with the rest (18 credit units) coming from an M.Sc. thesis. 6 of the 9 courses (i.e., 48 of the 72 credit units) have to be core courses of the student's specialization. The remaining 3 courses can be any of those offered in the Graduate Program, including up to one course from a different graduate program in which the department participates.