IEEE Fellows 2017 announced. In the recent past, four department’s Professors (Ioannidis, Gizopoulos, Stavrakakis, Theodoridis) have been honored

IEEE Fellows 2017 announced

In the recent past, four department’s Professors have been honored with the IEEE Fellowship: Yannis Ioannidis (2010) and Dimitris Gizopoulos (2013) from IEEE Computer Society, Ioannis Stavrakakis (2007) from IEEE Communications Society and Sergios Theodoridis (2008) from IEEE Signal Processing Society.


Detailed citations:

IEEE Computer Society Fellows:

  • Ioannidis Yannis, IEEE Fellow (class of 2010) “For contributions to database systems including query optimization and data management”  
  • Gizopoulos Dimitris, IEEE Fellow (class of 2013) “For contributions to microprocessor architectures self-testing and on-line error detection”  

IEEE Communications Society Fellows:

  • Stavrakakis Ioannis, IEEE Fellow (class of 2007) “For contributions to network traffic analysis and resource allocation methodologies”  

IEEE Signal Processing Society Fellows:

  • Theodoridis Sergios, IEEE Fellow (class of 2008) “For contributions to the design of adaptive signal processing systems”  

(full directory of IEEE Fellows:

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