Electronic Lectures

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, in cooperation with the Network Operations Center of the University of Athens, offers a pilot program for the live streaming of lectures taking place in the Department.

An additional password is required in order to watch the lecture, which you can acquire from this page (on the left side) after you have successfully logged-in (option: Login) in the Department's page (the authentication is carried out through the Central Authentication System (CAS)).

Note here that the broadcast automatically begins at the scheduled time for lectures and ends 15 minutes after they are over according to the official timetable for lectures.

For any remarks, suggestions or comments you can contact the support team (rts at noc.uoa.gr).

Note here that the needed password for the broadcasting of lectures cannot be sent via email.

For these broadcasts the VoD server of the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET) is used.