3rd Specialization: Computing Systems: Software and Hardware (SYS)

The Computer Systems specialization treats topics that relate to system-level computation. This includes knowledge areas such as Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Programming Language Implementation, Distributed Systems, and more. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of both systems principles and practices. The instructors as a whole have an extensive teaching experience, including at world-leading international universities, and a significant research reputation. The Computer Systems specialization is among the most competitive for admissions.
Κωδ. Course title Εξάμηνο
Μ119 Parallel Computer Systems Χειμερινό
Μ116 Database Systems Topics Χειμερινό
Μ122 Advanced Operating Systems Χειμερινό
Μ117 Advanced Programming Techniques: Object-Oriented Systems and Languages Χειμερινό
Μ120 Advanced Digital Systems Design Εαρινό
Μ121 Advanced Computer Architectures Εαρινό
Μ123 Distributed Systems Εαρινό
Μ124 Information Systems Security Εαρινό
Μ125 Software-Defined Networking Χειμερινό