CIVIS Courses

DIT Curriculum Structure

The undergraduate studies at DIT have a duration of 4 academic years (8 semesters). Courses of the odd-numbered Semesters (1, 3, 5, 7) are delivered in the Fall (Oct – Jan) and of the even-numbered Semesters (2, 4, 6, 8) in the Spring (Feb – Jun) every year.

The Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) courses taught in English and offered to CIVIS students are listed below. All other undergraduate courses at DIT are offered in Greek. A maximum number of 3 students may be admitted to a CIVIS-offered course taught in English. As per the NKUA rules, DIT may host up to 4 incoming students per semester.

Title Course code Semester UG/PG ECTS
Advanced Graphics Algorithms C10 Fall PG 6
Advanced Topics in Signal Processing C27 Spring PG 6
Advanced Topics on Algorithms C07 Spring UG 6
Algorithmic Graph Theory C09 Fall PG 6
Artificial Intelligence ΙΙ C02 Fall UG 6
Basic Principles of Language Analysis C14 Fall PG 6
Big Data Management C24 Spring PG 6
Computational Complexity C03 Fall UG 6
Computational Complexity C08 Fall PG 6
Computational Geometry C06 Spring UG 6
Computational Linguistics & Natural language Processing and Language Resources Processing & Management C30 Spring PG 6
Data Mining Techniques C05 Spring UG 6
Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing C15 Fall PG 6
Deep Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing C21 Fall PG 6
Dialogue Systems and Voice Agents C17 Fall PG 6
Digital Signal Processing C01 Fall UG 6
Fundamentals of Satellite Systems and Subsystems C23 Fall PG 7.5
Fundamentals of Space Missions C22 Fall PG 7.5
Introduction to Phonology and Digital Signal Processing C32 Fall PG 6
Knowledge Technologies C11 Fall PG 6
Language and Cognitive Robotics C20 Fall PG 6
Language Processing C16 Fall PG 6
Machine Learning C29 Spring PG 6
Machine Translation C18 Fall PG 6
Mobile and Wireless Networks C12 Fall PG 6
Parameterized Complexity and Algorithms C25 Spring PG 6
Programming for Language Technology I C13 Fall PG 6
Programming for Language Technology II C28 Spring PG 6
Speech Synthesis and Recognition Systems C31 Spring PG 6
Stochastic Signals C04 Spring UG 6
Techno-economic Analysis of Telecommunication Systems C26 Spring PG 6
Text Understanding and Production Systems C19 Fall PG 6



CIVIS Mobility Coordinator:

Fryda Fotini, Administrative Staff
Head, European and International Relations Department
ffrydaatuoa [dot] gr

CIVIS Incoming Students Coordinator:

Georgia Exintaveloni, Administrative Staff
gexintavatuoa [dot] gr

DIT's Faculty Responsible for CIVIS:

For questions use:
info-civisatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr

George Alexandropoulos, Assistant Professor
Elias Manolakos, Professor

DIT's CIVIS Administrative Support:

Athanasia Kasimati, Administrative Staff
akasimatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr
secretatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr