Incoming Students

Any incoming student can attend the DIT’s courses taught in Greek or English (minimum requirement Level B2), which are listed in this link. It is noted that the undergraduate studies at DIT have a duration of 4 academic years (i.e., 8 semesters).   

DIT may host up to 3 incoming students per semester per CIVIS university, which results in 24 students in total per semester.

You should pay attention on several educational factors, including your interest to a course’s syllabus and structure, as well as the availability of a course of interest during the semester you plan to visit in Athens. Moreover, the total number of ECTS of the selected courses in DIT need to be equal or higher to the total number of ECTS of the related courses in your department/university.

If you have selected your DIT courses and you are interested in joining DIT, you should then follow the steps below:

  1. Receive the nomination from your home university;
  2. Complete the learning agreement for the CIVIS studies;
  3. Complete the application form;
  4. Wait till receiving the formal acceptance letter; and
  5. Arrange your accommodation in Athens.

You should first contact the CIVIS Mobility Coordinator of your home university to find out how you can become a CIVIS student, i.e., how to apply for it. Note that the CIVIS Student Mobility operates in the context of ERASMUS+ Student Mobility/ΚΑ103. Hence, each CIVIS university may have its own procedure and deadline for selecting students. Usually, in each university there is a CIVIS-related website with all relevant information.

After being nominated, your home university will send the nomination form. You can find the deadlines and the form here in this link. Upon receipt of a nomination from your home university, you will be notified by email that you can initiate the application procedure for NKUA’s DIT.

After the selection of the DIT courses, you must fill in the On-line Learning Agreement (OLA) and have it signed by the Academic Coordinators of both the home and host universities. The OLA is available at in this link, and instructions of how to fill it in are available here. Do not forget to upload your Learning Agreement on the system. For more details, please read here.

Read carefully the guidelines available here in this link, and complete the Online Application Form. In this link, you will also find instructions on the completion of the Application Form. Bare in mind that, prior to this application, you have to complete the Learning Agreement for studies. When you received the acceptance letter from NKUA, your participation to the program is confirmed. Note that this letter requires approximately 4 weeks time after the successful submission of all your required documents. Only upon receipt of the acceptance letter, students can consider their participation in the program as confirmed.

Along with the Application Form, the following documents need to be uploaded (you should have them ready before completing the Application Form):

  • Learning Agreement for studies approved by both the Home University (your university) and the Host University (NKUA).
  • A legible copy of either your passport or your identity card.  All documents should be valid for the whole duration of your Erasmus+/CIVIS participation.
  • A legible copy of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The card should be valid for the whole duration of your Erasmus+/CIVIS participation.
    • Students of countries that do not issue the EHIC should submit a copy of a Private Health Insurance Contract.
  • A copy of your current Transcript of Records (in English) is also required.

The details of the application are summarized in this link.

After the completion of your studies at NKUA, and before your departure for your home university, there are a few important matters that you must take care of. Please read the information available in this link.

For other issues, such as accommodation, orientation day, registration procedures / ID card / prolongation, visa and residence permit, students’ services, and Greek language courses, please read the information available here.



CIVIS Mobility Coordinator:

Fryda Fotini, Administrative Staff
Head, European and International Relations Department
ffrydaatuoa [dot] gr

CIVIS Incoming Students Coordinator:

Georgia Exintaveloni, Administrative Staff
gexintavatuoa [dot] gr

DIT's Faculty Responsible for CIVIS:

For questions use:
info-civisatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr

George Alexandropoulos, Assistant Professor
Elias Manolakos, Professor

DIT's CIVIS Administrative Support:

Athanasia Kasimati, Administrative Staff
akasimatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr
secretatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr