Services & Support

The EVDOXOS system ( is the University's textbook management system.

The process is automated and offers students complete information on the textbooks required for each course and where to obtain textbooks. It also provides mechanisms to quickly compensate publishers and prevent misuse of public funds.

My-studies ( provides students with online course registration, grade announcements and status, syllabi, as well as an online application system for issuing transcripts by the Department's secretariat. Access is free but requires registration.

The e-Class ( platform is a fully featured online course management system, designed to enhance conventional teaching by utilizing information technology that is already highly assimilated in education. It follows an open-source philosophy and supports an asynchronous e-Learning service without any restrictions or commitments. Access is free but requires registration for full content.

The Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, in collaboration with the University of Athens' Network Operation and Management Center (NOC), provides live broadcasting of lectures delivered at the Department through the portal

Broadcasting for each lecture begins automatically at the scheduled start time and ends 15 minutes after the scheduled end time.

The National Research and Technology Network's (GRNET) VoD server is used for transmission.

The Wireless Access Service provides wireless connection to the University of Athens network without the need to use a network cable. The hotspots are scattered throughout the University grounds, providing wireless broadband access to the Internet.

There are more than 50 wireless internet access points at the University Campus (Ilisia), at Goudi (Medical, Nursing, Dental School) and in the center of Athens, as listed on the NOC website.

Access to the Wireless Network is established through the account you have on the university network, using the credentials (username - password) that you use for


The Network Operation and Management Center (NOC) is an independent organizational unit of the University of Athens that provides electronic services and digital media to support collaboration, communication and education to members of the academic community, staff and students.


The University of Athens has access, through the Internet, to a wide range of electronic sources such as magazines, books, bibliographic databases, digital collections and thematic portals, with the aim of facilitating research, information and education of students, faculty members, researchers and librarians.

All electronic sources and related electronic services are included on the Libraries and Information Center website, hosted and maintained by the University's Libraries Computer Center

The "Multimedia Content Search" service ( provides the ability to search through recorded content either from the educational process or from events of the institution (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.). There are also live broadcasts of courses and lectures from the teaching facilities, as well as events.

More than 100 courses from the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications have videotaped lectures, with more than 10000 hours of video (

For automatic live transmission and / or recording, webcams are used that are installed in teaching and event spaces. The cameras capture image and sound of the scene where the teacher is located as well as the area where the slides are shown. There is care so that the seats of the students and their sound are not depicted. The recordings of the lectures are kept for a long time. The lectures start automatically at the scheduled start time and end 15 minutes after the scheduled end time, according to the official classroom schedule.

The service and equipment are managed by specialized personnel of the Network Operation and Management Center. The VoD server of the National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) is used for transmission.

The Uniway app for Android and Apple mobile phones offers information about your studies, with direct access to the official systems of your institution.

It provides the following information and micro-applications:

  • Student register (for access to information regarding detailed grades, course statements, curriculum, teachers and contact details, office hours, etc.).
  • Course evaluation (easy access to online course evaluation questionnaires)
  • Social networking: chat, sending files, image, video, groups of friends, location information, groups of common interests).

Access to the application is done through the student's institutional account, using the same username and password you use to access "MyStudies".

Uniway is provided by GUnet, an organization that includes all the Universities of the country and is available to all its members. The development of Uniway was funded by the Project "Digital Services of Academic Institutions - Horizontal Action" in the context of the Digital Convergence program of the NSRF 2007-2015.

Unix/Linux Systems Administration

adminatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr, Dimenou A., Office: Α19,  Tel.: 210 7275142


Linux lab

adminatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr, Dimenou A., Office: Α19,  Tel.: 210 7275142


Windows lab

itsupportatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr, Vasilopoulos D., Office: A33, Tel.: 210 7275220


Classrooms & meeting rooms

itsupportatdi [dot] uoa [dot] gr, Vasilopoulos D., Office: A33, Tel.: 210 7275220

The Department houses the university-wide Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities of the University of Athens.

The Unit provides students with supportive IT technologies, access and mobility services, and more.

For more:


Update: the Accessibility Unit for Students with Disabilities of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens has issued instructions (in Greek) for students with disabilities and educators regarding accessibility in remote teaching, in the context of the restrictive measures due to coronavirus (COVID-19).