The building complex of the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications houses the University's Accessibility Unit.

The mission of the Accessibility Unit is: to achieve in practice the equal access to the academic studies of students with different abilities and requirements, through the provision of adaptations to the environment, through supporting Information Technologies and Access Services.

Potential recipients of the services of the Accessibility Unit are students of NKUA with certified by a public hospital or institution: sensory disability, motor disability, learning disability / dyslexia, diffuse neurodevelopmental disorders / autism / Asperger, serious illness, psychosis.

The procedure followed by students to receive support or facilities in their studies from the Accessibility Unit is listed in the Accessibility Unit's website:


Update 03/2020: the University's Accessibility Unit has issued guidelines for students and teachers regarding accessibility in distance learning, in the context of the implementation of coronation measures due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

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