2nd Int'l Conference CHIGreece Chapter 2023 «Connect. Engage. Inspire» (27-28/09/23)

Evgenides Foundation, Athens, Greece

2nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction CHIGreeceChapter 2023

September 27-28, 2023
Athens, Greece


CHIGreeceChapter 2023 is the 2nd International Conference of the Greece ACM SIGCHI Chapter.

The conference will welcome renowned speakers from Greece and abroad, both from the academic community and the business world. They will present the latest developments and scientific outcomes in the fields of interactive systems design, usability, and intelligent interfaces. 

The theme of CHIGreeceChapter 2023 is “Connect. Engage. Inspire”, and aims to become a meeting point for the research community of user-centered design, development, and evaluation of interactive systems, with the sole purpose to improve the usability and accessibility of these systems and the ergonomics of products. The conference will also provide the opportunity for young researchers to present their work at a conference of international reach.

The full programme will consist of a blend of timely research topics and can be found on the conference website:  https://chigreece.gr/2023.