Educational Technology & Didactics of Informatics Research Group

The research activities of the laboratory focus on the development of technology-enhanced learning environments.

More specifically, projects that have been designed and implemented include:

  1. Online Adaptive Educational Systems that support user navigation and modeling, reflective dialogue, evaluation and collaboration
  2. Educational software for teaching Physics and History in Secondary Education and Informatics in Higher Education
  3. Online Courses-Multimedia Interactive Educational Material for Distance Education in Higher Education
  4. Activities for the teaching of Informatics based on educational software and / or the internet
  5. Linguistic technology tools that support morphological, semantic and general structure analysis of the stereotypes of the modern Greek language
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Research activity of the Laboratory of Educational & Language Technology focuses on the design, implementation and utilization of web-based, adaptive learning environments. The web-based Adaptive Learning Environment SCALE (Supporting Collaboration and Adaptation in a Learning Environment)…