Pervasive Computing Research Group (p-comp)

The p-comp research group is concerned on various aspects of pervasive computing, thus adopting a holistic approach. It’s main research activities include:

  • Wireless sensor network middleware technologies. “Sensation” Platform will enable the execution of different applications over multiple underlying sensor networks. At the present time, the platform is being developed.

  • Information management for wireless sensor networks (fault management, data aggregation, etc)

  • Middleware technologies for context-aware and location-based services

  • Management and processing of context information

  • Context-aware user interfaces

  • Ontology and Semantic Web technologies for knowledge bases and “smart” services

  • Infrastructure deployment (wireless local area networks, wireless sensor networks)

  • Pervasive telemedicine application development

  • Trust-based security models for autonomous networks

  • Theoretical models (e.g., game theoretic models) for various resource allocation problems in pervasive computing

IDIRA project
Interoperability of data and procedures in large-scale multinational disaster response actions IDIRA developed a set of tools, interfaces and procedures designed to be configured, deployed and operated in a flexible manner, providing interoperable services for data integration, information…