Project Funding for Research Excellence


Popular Network Caching. We all ask for the same content (eg video) many times (popular) Preventive storage at the ends of the network (Base / mobile stations) Reduces network load and delay Can improve experience quality (QoE) Machine Type Communications (MTC) Devices / machines…
NEANIAS - Novel EOSC Services for Emerging Atmosphere, Underwater & Space Challenges - aims to promote Open Science practices and actively contribute to the materialization of the EOSC ecosystem by engaging large scientific and professional communities, extending its offerings and supporting…
Android app optimization
Static analysis of the entire application that leads to a "deep" understanding of the code Based on top scientific publications of the laboratory members Tool for developers, semi-automatic optimization Smaller size and faster execution Researchers: Prof. G. Smaragdakis, A. Antoniadis, G.…
5G-AURA project
Why is "virtualization" an ideal technology for implementing a 5G network? The constant increase in interconnected wireless devices and the amount of data generated leads to the need to build new next generation (5G) networks with greater capabilities. The "virtualization" of the 5G network:…
FLogA tool for simulation and geo-animation of wildfires
FLogA is a fully automated forest fire simulation tool that allows the user to select any forest area within Europe and simultaneously predict the spread of multiple fire scenarios by displaying the possible combined effect in animation format. Research conducted by Prof. E. Manolakos and N.…
Space tech designed in Greece
Development of the ASPIICS Image Data Compressor as part of the ESA PROBA-3 mission. The ASPIICS Image Data Compressor achieves the highest performance in the world. This research is undertaken by Prof. A. Paschalis, Assistant Prof. N. Kranitis and the DSCAL lab, as part of the ESA PROBA-3…
5Growth logo
The 5GROWTH project will empower verticals industries such as Industry 4.0, Transportation, and Energy with AI-driven automated 5G end-to-end solutions that will allow these industries to achieve simultaneously their respective key performance targets. 5GROWTH is part of the European H2020 5G…
What to Study digital storytelling app
On the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the founding of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the History Museum of the University of Athens in collaboration with the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications and the Research Center "Athena", launches the new digital…
Cultech lab logo
The RoGH project aims at creating a platform to unfold important historical periods of the Hellenic History in a Journey through time and location. The platform will contain digital content of multiple type (2d,3d etc) and serve it to virtual and augmented reality enabled devices. The user, with…
Copernicus App Lab
Detection of changes using satellite imagery and social networks, as part of the H2020 Copernicus App Lab research project. Researchers: Prof. M. Koubarakis, G. Argyriou.
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The CARAT project aims to leverage the cultural and historical content which is dispersed in the “Street names” of the big or smaller towns. The project’s aim is to develop an application which will offer the following: It will offer first-hand historical information about the origin of a street…
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The ΚόστουμART project is structured into a steady set of activities and actions among organizations that will offer a complete set of applications. Specifically: Activities to portray historical and urban costumes (digitization, recordings, practices) Creation of an infrastructure (storage…