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Research at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications covers a wide range of research areas, and is organized in Research Laboratories and Research Groups.

Research Laboratories
Research Groups

The Department's current research activities focus on the following topics:

  • Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Communication Systems
  • Compilers
  • Computer architecture
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer networks
  • Computer Systems Hardware and Software
  • Data management
  • Data Science
  • Databases
  • Digital Accessibility
  • Distributed Systems
  • Educational Technology and Distance Education
  • Embedded Systems
  • Graphics
  • Human Computer Interaction and Interactive Systems
  • Information systems
  • Internet applications
  • Machine Learning
  • Numerical Linear Algebra
  • Operational research
  • Parallel Algorithms
  • Parallel Systems
  • Photon Technology
  • Programming languages
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Scientific Calculations
  • Security and Privacy
  • Signal and Image Processing
  • Social Networks
  • Software development
  • Software technology
  • Space Digital Systems
  • Space Technology
  • Techno-economic Analysis of Telecommunication Networks
  • VLSI Circuit and Systems Design in Chip
  • Voice (Speech & Singing) and Music Processing
  • Web Systems and Applications