Paragraph Section

Students must complete a compulsory undergraduate thesis which is annual and corresponds to two compulsory courses of 8 ECTS each. The undergraduate thesis, or one semester thereof, may be replaced by an Internship that is developed either internally, as part of a development project, or externally at an institution and has a corresponding duration and workload.


Online Deposit / Submission Procedure

  • Format your thesis according to the templates.
  • Send the digital copy of your thesis (doc or pdf) for review to thesis [at] by following the instructions below. Wait for a response for approval or corrections.
  • Once your work has been approved by the Electronic Submission Officer*, submit the project details (census bulletin), the digital copy of the thesis, and any accompanying material to the Pergamos Institutional Repository / Digital Library Platform. Access to the platform is solely through the NOC using your Department account (di account).
  • When completing the above, obtain a Certificate of Non-Debt from the Library of Science and deposit it to the Department Secretariat. The Non-Debt Book Certificate will be received after the thesis has been registered with the system.

(*) Electronic Submission Officer of theses and PhD dissertations: Anastasia Ligizou, EDIP